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What is Blepharitis?

It is a condition consisting of the inflammation of eyelids due to an accumulation of fat around the edges, in the area near to the base of the eyelashes.

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    The main purpose of the eyelids is to protect the eyes. When we blink, our eyelids help to moisten our eyes and clear away any dust or other particles on their surface. Moreover, when our eyelids are closed, our eyes are protected against any possible traumatic injuries.

    That is why, without of course forgetting the aesthetic aim of some procedures related to the eyelids, you should always pay them due care and attention for reasons of eye health.

    There are several possible causes: in some cases, it is caused by a bacterial infection which must be treated to counter the swelling; it may also be due to a functional disorder of the sebaceous gland. Other causes may be dry eyes or possible reactions to drugs and even cosmetics.

    Symptoms of Blepharitis

    The most common symptoms are:

    · Burning sensation and stinging in the eyes

    · Development of scabs or dander at the base of eyelashes

    · Irritated and watery eyes

    · Itching of eyelids (which makes you rub your eyes)

    · Sensation of grittiness or that a foreign body is present

    People with greasy skin are usually more likely to suffer from this disease.

    In the case of people who use contact lenses, there may be greater discomfort which may be so bothersome that they have to stop using them.

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    Blepharitis can be treated, depending on the degree to which it has developed, by various means, some of which relate to basic hygiene practices such as washing your eyes or applying wet wipes.

    It will sometimes be necessary to apply antibiotic ointments and use eye drops.

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