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Central Ocular offers you the possibility of financing your surgery

From 3 to 60 months, via FINCOM, Financial Company of the Banco Sabadell Group.

Financing formalities are processed directly from the Clinic.

The requested financing is subject to the approval of FINCOM.

Financing Simulation

Due to the fact that every case is different, we are unable to set a fixed price for each kind of surgical procedure.

Simply to give you an idea, we will simulate a transaction for a total amount of € 2,200.

This transaction may be processed according to the monthly instalments which are detailed for you on the right.


The indicated amounts relate to the tables provided by FINCOM (Financial Company of Banco Sabadell). They may be subject to minimal variations upon execution of the financing transaction, which is why these amounts are merely approximate.

Number of months Monthly instalment
3 859,57€
6 436,93€
12 225,53€
18 155,16€
24 120,04€
36 85,08€
48 67,74€
60 57,45€