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What is myopia?

Myopia is an ocular disorder which prevents the eye from correctly focusing on images from certain distances and causes distorted and blurred vision.

These disorders are caused by the fact that the image “captured” by the human eye is not precisely “reflected” on the appropriate place of the eye, i.e. the Retina, whose function is to receive visual information (the image) and transmit it to the brain.

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    It is actually similar to what happens if we attempt to capture an image using a camera and we do not establish the correct focus: the result is that the image reflected on the film will be more or less blurred. A camera’s focus is established through the forward or backward movement of the lens to make sure that the image is sharply projected onto the film.

    The eye’s focus is established through the thickening or flattening out of the crystalline (the lens) such that the correct distance between the crystalline and the Retina is established. What happens in the eye is that the focusing ability is limited and a sharp image is not always produced.

    What does myopia consist of?

    The myopic eye is more “bulgy” which is why, despite the effort of the crystalline lens, the image is reflected on a point in front of the Retina. The direct consequence is that it becomes increasingly difficult to see more distant objects clearly.

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    Depending on the results, the Ophthalmologist is able to make a customised recommendation with a view to treating the refractive disorder (myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropy).

    During the consultation with the Patient, the Ophthalmologist will provide full details of the most suitable option and information about all the particulars of the procedure to clear up any doubts that the Patient may have.

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    In contrast to what happened years ago, we now have various surgical techniques which enable us to provide an effective solution in the vast majority of cases.

    There are basically two lines of procedure:

      • Procedures involving the use of Laser: Lasik, Lasek, etc.
    • Implant of Intraocular lenses

    Not all techniques can be applied to all patients. They are selected on the basis of the individual circumstances of each patient: age, grading, thickness of cornea, to name but a few.

    That is why it is always necessary to initially perform a comprehensive examination of the Patient’s conditions. Examinations take place using hi-tech diagnostic instruments which provide the Ophthalmologist with comprehensive and accurate information, on the basis of which he/she is able to select the most suitable option.

    Frequently asked questions about Myopia

    Do I need to be admitted to hospital for the operation?

    Procedures take place at walk-in clinics which means you are not admitted to hospital.

    How long does the procedure last?

    Operations barely last a few minutes.

    Is the procedure painful? Does it require an anaesthetic?

    All these kinds of procedures are painless and do not require any anaesthetic other than eye drops.

    How long does the recovery period last?

    The visual recovery period is very quick and, although it varies according to the technique used, you can start to perform most routine activities almost immediately.

    A team of the highest professional standards

    Central Ocular boasts a highly qualified professional medical team which has vast experience in presbyopia operations. Your vision could not be in better hands.

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    Our technological capabilities are based on the most advanced equipment which allows us to provide our patients undergoing presbyopia procedures with the best possible guarantees.

    The best facilities

    The outstanding facilities at Central Ocular mean that presbyopia procedures are performed in optimum conditions of safety and comfort for the patient. We make you feel right at home.

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    The best form of publicity is provided by our patients who have undergone the presbyopia procedure. I wish I’d had it done sooner! A source of great satisfaction for the whole of our medical team.